An Approach To Counselling That Gets Positive Results

Janet believes each person is uniquely created with a combination of strengths, talents, abilities and personality characteristics. Each person has his or her own unique struggles, sensitivities and areas of vulnerability. Experiences from one’s past and in one’s current living environment impact how one deals with life. Since we are relational beings, challenges that are experienced are examined within the context that connection to others is a key element in having a satisfying and meaningful existence.

Setting Goals

There are times in our lives when we need someone to assist us in our life’s journey. A therapist can offer an objective perspective, support and therapeutic expertise to assist in healing and change. Goals set collaboratively between client and therapist ensures that the focus and results of counselling are successful.

Holistic Perspective

Counselling is based on a holistic perspective that incorporates the emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual and physical aspects of human functioning. Janet believes that the most thorough healing involves an integration of all aspects.

Counselling Model

Janet’s counselling approach integrates a number of theoretical models including emotionally focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy, narrative therapy and psychodynamic therapy. This integrated approach tailors therapy to each client(s) and their specific concerns. It also takes into consideration best practices based on current research.

Short and Long Term

Two types of intervention are provided. Short term intervention involves support, skill building, immediate shifts in perspective, coping strategies and change. Longer term intervention involves examining deeper issues, working through past hurt and forgiveness and integrating the healing into current day functioning.